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Sharing Smiles Foundation

Founded in 2009, a 501(c) 3, our goal is to reach millions of children and their families in need around the world and implement changes in their communities to improve their quality of life. We work in collaboration with other organizations and local government entities, looking for resources that can break the cycle of poverty and provide the opportunity for each child to reach their full potential.


In the remote villages of Zambia, where the daily quest for water defines survival, Sharing Smiles Foundation is poised to make a profound impact. The harsh reality sees children prioritizing water collection over school, and women dedicating hours to fetch water, sacrificing opportunities for empowerment. Witnessing these challenges firsthand, our commitment extends beyond the construction of 20 water wells to include comprehensive support. During our upcoming mission trip to Zambia, we will not only build water wells but also provide vital dental treatments, medical care, clothing, and hygiene items. This holistic approach aims not only to address immediate needs for health and survival but also to foster education and community growth. Your donation serves as a powerful catalyst for change, offering hope, dignity, and the chance for these communities to thrive. Join us in making the essential act of drinking clean water a reality for all, not a privilege. Together, we can rewrite the future, one well at a time.

Past Missions


Prints of Hope Zambia Ariel Pavon Abdiel Sosa
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