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An affordable way to get a perfect smile!

- A la Carte -

FLEX charges for each aligner, retainer, or treatment setup.

Start treatment, stop treatment, resume treatment, or start a new treatment plan whenever you wish – FLEX is designed to be an on-demand service. Each order is shipped all at once.

  • Attachments & IPR included. 

  • Doctor hands-on supervision included.

$250 per approved setup + $250 per aligner or retainer.

- Mighty Satisfying -

Many clear aligner treatments can wrap up in a year or less, and we've got just the thing for that. Introducing ONE. Our new treatment option that's perfect for moderate cases.

With ONE you'll get up to 24 sets of aligners, up to 1 year of treatments, with 1 revision, and 1 set of retainers included.

  • Attachments & IPR included.

  • Doctor hands-on supervision included.


Up to 24 sets of aligners, up to 1 year of treatment, including 1 revision, and 1 set of retainers.

- All you Can Eat -

High Tech | Affordable | Clear Aligner Therapy

UNLIMITED charges a one-time fee that includes all the treatment setups and aligners you'll need during a period of up to five years, and includes two sets of retainers every six months over the five-year period.

With UNLIMITED, you'll receive your aligners in phases,

up to 12 sets at a time.

  • Attachments & IPR included. 

  • Doctor hands-on supervision included.


Made in U.S.A | Great Results!

All setup, aligners, revisions, and retainers included for 5 full years.

Why Us?

We offer services to achieve a profound transformation in you with the help of certified professionals in the most advanced techniques and innovation in the world of health and aesthetics.

With dedication and passion, we develop the potential in you. For us, the beauty begins with feeling good in Karent Sierra Dentistry & Medspa. We strive to provide the beauty tools you need to face the world today. At Karent Sierra Dentistry & Medspa, we take pleasure in pampering you. We want to see you achieve your goals by tailoring the services to meet your specific needs... Be more!

- Toning & firming treatments
- Multipolar radiofrequency
- Fractional radiofrequency
- Russian current
- Passive exercise
- Vibrating plate
- Lipolaser
Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage machine
- Dermology LED & Thermotherapy              

- Vacuum
- Body wrapping
- Plaster therapy
- Relaxing Massage
- Deep tissue massage

- General dentistry (exams, cleanings)          

- One hour in office whitening

- Smile makeover

- Tooth colored fillings

- Porcelain crowns, eliminates the “grey” margin

- Endodontics (Root canals)

- Gingivectomy (Gum recontouring)

- Porcelain veneers

- Prophylaxis and deep cleanings

- Dental Implants


   Emergencies are seen promptly

- Botox
- Fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, and more)
- Microneedling Stems Cell Serums
- Dermaplaning
- Carboxytherapy
- Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
- Mesotherapy (face and body)
- Painless hair laser removal (Alma Laser     Soprano XLi)

- Permanent makeup
- Eyelash extensions
- Microblading

Innovative Services



We are always preparing ourselves to offer the most updated and innovative dental services because we love to offer the highest standards to treat our patients!


We are so proud to provide you the ultimate in digital dentistry technology offering same-day dental restorations!


Problem:  Broken incisal edges on both upper centrals with a midline diastema | Tooth numbers:  #8 and #9 | Patient time in chair:  2 hours, 30 minutes



Before & After


                    Before                                       After

 Before & After


This is part of the results that you get, when you trust in hands of experts. 

In Karent Sierra Dentistry and Medspa,  you can get the smile, skin, lips, eyebrows, eyelashes, and body you want!!


Be more! 




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