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Special Products

• A High tolerance serum with a
  silkytexture is specially formulated 
  for sensitive and rosacea skin. 
• It offers an instant immersion
  in softness and comfort.
• It helps promote a healthier
  complexion and eliminates redness.
• Strengthens the walls
  of the capillaries.
• An exclusive combination of herbal
  ingredients and anti-oxidants
  that will deliver effective results.
• It is a preventative and protective
  skin’s barrier function serum.

Recovery Serum 0,5 oz/ 15 ml

    Be more!
    in seconds

    Medspa treatments

    · Botox

    · Fillers (Juvederm, Restylane and more)

    · Carboxytherapy

    · Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    · Mesotherapy (face and body)

    · Painless hair laser removal (Alma Laser     Soprano XLi) · Permanent makeup

    . Eyelash extensions

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